Altered Conference 2017 3. und 4. November in Berlin

Bereits im letzten Jahr war diese Konferenz sehr spannend, daher kündigen wir das Event gern an:


A conference exploring altered states of consciousness
3-4 November, 2017 / Berlin


Theme: Altered States, Crisis and Opportunity
The world is roiling – that is nothing new – but like never before each of us are forced to watch it unravel in gory detail via mass media, social networking and the internet.

Like never before we are connected to each other and therefore, like never before, we are affected by each other. This deep sympathetic relationship has always been there, but as we are faced each day with the highs and lows of the global community, it is becoming increasingly tangible.

At Altered 2017 we want to explore crisis and our relationship to it as individuals and as communities, both local and global.

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