“by Kr!S CyberWe@ver & The-constantly-changing-and-permanently-elusive Mavis235
1. The creation into being of OrMeK
The year is 3183 of our Lady of Discord, the entire collective and individual consciousness of the humanoid habitants of Earth is dominated by the demons from the region of Thud[1]. All of the consciousness? No, in the depths of cyberspace, a small discordian cabal of the auspicious name Aktion 23 remains in unflinching resistance! Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
According to the Boards AI log, on the 37th day of Boomtime in the season of Chaos, an event of possible aeonic scope took place in the headquarters of said cabal. During a philosophical discourse on entropy, five Discordians realized at the exact same moment, that the amount of entropy in their respective hangouts had passed the acceptable critical threshold by far.”