Dear community,

I have worked for many years on the new edition of the Abraxas-Kalender, which connects the Liber AL-Verses with the 365 days of the year.

The most astonishing „revelation“ of the new edition is the link between the Liber AL-Verses and the Zodiak.

Thus, beside being inspired by a Liber AL Vers every day, with your personal Horoskop you can find the Liber AL-Verses for your Venus, your Jupiter and the other planets.

Although the Kalender is written in german you can use the calendar if you know Aleister Crowleys Liber AL,
because the calendar shows Crowleys handwriting for the verses for every day and also the Liber AL Vers-number for every day.

If you can read the astrological symbols of the planets and starsigns, you will also know in which of the 36 astrological decanats you are every day.

The Abraxas-Kalender is an inspiring fountain of synchronicities.

The new Abraxas-Calendar was published by ARAKI in Leipzig, Germany.
You can order it direktly at Araki:

or here via Amazon:…/…/3936149275

Enjoy the journey
Fürst Claas vom Mars

Dear community,

do you know my book „NUIT – Aleister Crowleys Liber AL and the Thoth Tarot“?

It contains 66 collages of the Thoth-Tarot,
illustrating the first chapter of Crowleys Liber AL vel Legis.

In the Book of Thoth Crowley writes for Atu XX „The Aeon“:
(Weiser, page 115 to 116)
„This new Tarot may therefore be regarded as a series of illustrations to the Book of the Law; the doctrine of that Book is everywhere implicit.“

The book NUIT contains my research about the connection between the Projective Synthetic Geometry in Lady Frieda Harris‘ Tarot Paintings
which she learned in the Rudolf Steiner House in London;
the book also contains a unique explanation for the spiritual link between Anthroposophy and Thelema through the sun.

With NUIT I wish to support the intention which Crowley writes in the Book of Thoth for Atu XIX „The sun“:(page 114) „… the next stage which is to be attained by mankind, in which complete freedom is alike the cause and the result of the new access of solar energy upon the earth.“

The book is bilingual in english an german, it is in full colour and has 183 pages.

It was published in the Akron Verlags AG (Swizerland) and is today available
through the german KC-Verlag or via Amazon.

The KC-Verlag- Link is

The Amazon Link is…/…/3905372223

I wish you all a beautyful summer!
Fürst Claas vom Mars“