Zum Weltfrauentag

Die wieder entdeckte Rolle von Frauen als Priesterinnen, Seherinnen, Sybillen.

Eine Diskussion auf dem Weltparlament der Religionen 2015
Video Production
The rapidly growing and now well-established women’s spirituality movement is rebirthing a lost and suppressed history of ancient Goddesses, sophisticated cosmologies and rich religious rites and wisdom. With increasingly sophisticated academic foundations and vital forms of spiritual expression and engagement, this discussion will explore how the movement is having profound impact on women’s lives, values, and the broader culture particularly with regard to the global environmental crisis. Presenters Presenter Phyllis Curott PanelistDeirdre Pulgram Arthen Director, The EarthSpirit Community Panelist Angie Buchanan Earth Traditions Panelist Vivianne Crowley PhD Council Member & Interfaith Committee, The Pagan Federation Panelist Taya Shere Panelist Rev. Selena Fox Priestess/Environmentalist/Author, Circle Sanctuary Panelist Francesca C. Howell, PhD Faculty, Naropa University and Cherry Hill Seminary


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